Holeshot Thoroughbreds, based in Mornington, Victoria, is rapidly gaining a reputation as the future of Thoroughbred Horse Racing. Through hard work and determination Holeshot Thoroughbreds ensure horses receive the utmost care and attention to horse health in order to achieve optimum performance.

Head Trainer, Corey McIver, strongly believes understanding personalities plays an integral part in unlocking potential to reach the pinnacle of success. Holeshot Thoroughbreds’ small team of horses and has already proven successful taking out first place and quickly followed with another win at our very next start.

Corey understands the importance of owners’ and industry participants having owned a number of racehorses over the past decade. Appreciating the significance of developing close relationships with owners’ to provide up-to-date information and feedback and priding himself on the family-friendly environment he has fostered, welcoming all new members into the Holeshot Family.


Thoroughbred flat racing can be traced back to 1174 when races were held at Smithfield, London.

Racing for British royalty was the foundation for the name “Sport of Kings” and horse racing has evolved dramatically every since. Once only the “Sport of Kings”, racing is now enjoyed by millions of viewers and participants world wide.

Holeshot Thoroughbreds encourages people from all walks of life to join our racing family to share in the thrills and excitement horse racing can bring.


Committed to achieving the best possible result for our horse owner’s, on and off the track, training winners is just the beginning of the Holeshot Thoroughbreds experience. We aim to take our clients on a journey they will remember for a lifetime.

Corey encourages owners to get involved, providing feedback, opinions, voicing your ambitions and working as part of a partnership to achieve the owner’s and Team Holeshot’s desired results.


Holeshot Thoroughbreds offer a professional thoroughbred training facility where all aspects are overseen by Head Trainer, Corey McIver.

Training involves an intimate understanding of your horse’s individual history and Corey works with the natural attributes of your horse, with customised plans to maximise your horses potential. Through adjusting their training programs, this ensures horses remain engaged throughout their preparation.

Owners have exclusive access to regular progress reports with audio and video keeping you connected and up-to-date with your horses journey.


Holeshot Thoroughbreds have the resources needed for quality Thoroughbred pre-training. Corey ensures each horse is given a personalised plan allowing both variety or the flexibility to tailor your horses training to a specific need.

Corey’s attitude and experience allows him to work with you, to develop your horse’s fitness prior to commencing a racing campaign, allowing every opportunity for success.


Head Trainer, Corey McIver, founded Holeshot Thoroughbreds in 2018 with a vision to reach the heights of Horse Racing. Corey’s passion for horses and racing is the driving force behind Holeshot Thoroughbreds.

Attending race meets throughout Queensland as a young child to watch his father Rod ride, until he retired in the late 1990’s, is where Corey first realised his love for the sport. In 2005, his passion was reignited when his brother Christopher was granted an Apprentice Jockey license. Corey saw this as an opportunity to enter the racing industry, working alongside his brother as a Stablehand until further opportunities with other trainers as a trackwork rider and foreman arose. Honing his skills as a horseman and gaining vast experience in the Thoroughbred Racing Industry, Corey always held bigger plans for the future.

This saw Corey obtain a position in the Coal Mines, devising a plan to set up his training facility and investing in his property at Bouldercombe, Queensland. True to his word; he has built the stables from the ground up.

During this time Corey remained heavily involved in racing; attending race meets, yearling sales and owning a number of race horses himself. Quenching his desire for knowledge Corey made the move to Melbourne, Victoria, to gain further insight into a renowned Racing Authority, travelling to various race meets throughout Victoria and meeting with industry participants.

Corey planned a trip to Singapore and arranged a tour of the Singapore Turf Club. An opportunity to network with eminent industry professionals where Corey’s tenacity and determination was embraced; offering a wealth of insight and experience in a successful and diverse up and coming Racing Authority. The experience and hospitality Corey was treated to set the wheels in motion, and upon his return to Australia Corey recognised a sense of class and innovation that needed to be reintroduced to Queensland Racing. 

In late 2019, Holeshot Thoroughbred’s relocated to the Mornington Peninsula to be surrounded by the best in the industry and pave the path to success.




Holeshot Thoroughbreds Head Trainer, Corey McIver, can be seen attending race meets, yearling sales or at morning trackwork.

Corey’s innovative process for connecting with owners of the Holeshot Family is complimented by his old school beliefs in engaging with people face to face, which allows Corey to be approachable and jump at the chance to talk anything horses and racing.


Corey prides himself on his knowledge of form and statistics ensuring indepth research and preparation into each horse for assisting in selecting a horse of potential. Holeshot Thoroughbreds will lay the foundation for you to build upon.


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